Camp Grimes - Mecklenburg County Council

Facilities at Camp Grimes

The Properties Committee of the Mecklenburg County Council is proud to welcome you to Camp Grimes. Camp Grimes is located on the Mecklenburg Scout Reservation in McDowell County, nestled in the foothills of the South Mountains. The camp is located a 35 degrees, 35 minutes north and 81 degrees, 52 minutes west. We have consistently strived to provide the best possible facilities and equipment to support the summer camping program at Camp Grimes. A listing of Camp Grimes facilities is provided below. Camp Grimes programs and facilities are available to persons with special needs and abilities. We will make every reasonable effort to meet the needs of all campers. Advanced notice of special needs is greatly appreciated. Latitude and Longitude coordinates are listed to help you find most of the program areas. A camp map is available on the inside cover of the leader guide. For an aerial view of the camp, click here.


Thirteen large shaded campsites are available for Troop, Crew and Patrol camping. Each campsite is equipped with a bulletin board, broom, campfire ring, cleaning supplies, flagpole, fire buckets, hose, latrine, platform tents, storage cabinet, United States Flag, wash stand, and water fountain.


The Camp Office is located in the Administration Building just above the Camp Grimes parking area. A Camp Business Manager is in the office during regular business hours. The office will be the first place you visit when you arrive at Camp Grimes. N 35.35247 W 81.52656

Health Lodge

The Health Lodge is located in the Administration Building as well. A Health Officer is on duty 24 hours a day to handle minor first aid and health needs. In addition, a licensed physician is on call at all times. In case of emergency, the local hospital will provide necessary treatment. N 35.35247 W 81.52656

Public Rest Rooms

Public restrooms are located at the Administration Building.

Dining Hall

You will be served healthy and delicious meals at the Dining Hall. Your Unit will be assigned seating on Sunday during the Check in Process. N 35.35323 W 81.52578

Trading Post

Purchase all your souvenirs, snacks, and camping supplies at the newly expanded and improved Camp Grimes trading post. Make sure to bring plenty of money for all your camping needs. N 35.35323 W 81.52578

Scoutmaster's Lounge

For all adult leaders, the Scoutmaster's Lounge is a place to relax and socialize with other leaders in camp. Conveniently across the street from the adult showers, it hosts laundry facilities and a fax/data port. It has been recently renovated since 2001. N 35.35323 W 81.52578


Just outside the dining hall is the Flagpole area where you will meet at your assigned Unit flagpole before meals. Remember to bring your Unit Flag! N 35.35323 W 81.52578


A Chapel is located below the Dining Hall shelter at the base of the hill and is available for reflection and vespers. N 35.35380 W 81.52533

Hornet’s Nest Lodge and Campsite

The Hornet’s Nest Lodge and campsite area is a separate camping area on the Mecklenburg Scout Reservation. The Adult Leader Appreciation dinner is held here on Thursday evenings. In addition, the area hosts a meeting lodge with kitchen facilities and RV campsites along with a shower house and bathrooms. N 35.35373 W 81.52976

Adult Leader Shower House

Individual hot showers are available for all adult leaders at Camp Grimes. Handicap accessible showers are also available. Located across the road from the Scoutmaster's Lounge. N 35.35323 W 81.52578

Youth Shower House

Two youth shower houses, each providing 8 individual stalls, are available for the weekly wash.


A boat dock and swimming area provide many aquatics activities including canoeing, rowing, sailing, swimming, tubing, water-skiing, and motorboating. A changing shelter is available for you to change from your hiking clothes to your swim trunks and vise versa. N 35.35513 W 81.52538

Climbing and Rappelling Tower

The Love Tower rises almost 40 feet to provide excellent climbing and rappelling. N 35.35603 W 81.52727

Zip Line

Attached to Love Tower is a zip line for Scouts to enjoy. N 35.35603 W 81.52727

Indoor Climbing Center

Located in the ‘tower room’ at the open Shelter, the Climbing Center features a variety of routes ranging from slabby 5.4 to overhanging 5.11 climbs. Up to four participants can climb at a time. N 35.35323 W 81.52578

Project COPE

Course A Challenging Outdoor Program Experience awaits older scouts as they can navigate through team building lower course events such as the trust fall or the swinging log traverse. Enjoy personal accomplishment on the high course elements such as the grapevine traverse, caving ladder, or two wire traverse. N 35.35603 W 81.52727

Frontier Cabin

Travel back to the 1800’s as you can visit a true old time log cabin with a blacksmith shed, smokehouse, and grist mill. Pan for gold in the creek, make your own candles, craft arrowheads, and much more at the Frontier Cabin. N 35.35107 W 81.52904

Nature Lodge

The natural flora and fauna around Camp Grimes is explored at the Nature Lodge, home of the Ecology program. Learn about indigenous snakes and animals and the respect you must show your environment. N 35.35352 W 81.52770

Scoutcraft Shelter

Camping, Pioneering, Wilderness Survival and Orienteering are the focus at the Scoutcraft shelter. N 35.35314 W 81.52945

Basketball Court

Near the Scoutcraft shelter is a full size basketball court for hoops. N 35.35247 W 81.52860


Next to the Scoutmaster's Lounge is a planetarium where you can learn about the skies and stars before going outside to find them on your own.

Sports Activity Field

Near the Scout Skills area are several fields available for sports and activities. N 35.35247 W 81.52860

Archery Range

Learn how to accurately and safely use the bow and arrow. N 35.35234 W 81.52317

Shotgun Range

Practice shotgun shooting at the Shotgun Range. New for 2008! The shotgun area now has a new shelter providing a covered area for shooting and instruction, as well as additional storage. N 35.35184 W 81.52442

Rifle Range

Tournament level rifles are available for learning about rifle shooting. N 35.35184 W 81.52442

Campfire Arena

A campfire arena overlooks picturesque Lake Calhoun. N 35.35598 W 81.52619

Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails

A five mile perimeter trail along with smaller connecting trails are open for hiking and mountain biking.

Staff Cabins

One room cabins for 2-4 staff members are available for comfortable staff living. In addition to the cabins, a staff lodge hosts a television, washing machine and dryer, hot showers, kitchen facilities, and a nice place to relax after a long productive day at Camp Grimes. Note, the staff area is the staff's summer home, and is off limits to campers. N 35.35200 W 81.52762