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Support Camp Grimes

Would you like to help make Camp Grimes ready for the summer? You can support your summer camp program by providing any of the items on our wish list, or by donating funds to purchase these items. We will update the wish list as needs come up, so check back frequently.

We also have opportunities for service projects for troops or individuals. Most tools are provided by the camp. Check out the list below.


Our Current Wish List

If you can donate or have access to reduced pricing on the following items, or would like to provide funding to purchase these items, please call or email Jonathan Russell, Joe Culpepper, or Dave Ritchie.

Service Project Opportunities

Cut Tree Clean Up1 hourNone requiredThe ranger or campmaster will place a camp trailer at a location where cut logs need to be removed. Your job is to load the trailer. The fire wood will later be taken to a fire ring for scout use.
Cut up downed tree limbs1 to 2 hoursBow saws provided by campYour job is to cut up limbs and stack wood next to the campsite fire ring. If the wood is to be moved, the camp trailer will be placed near the limbs for loading.
GPS locations of Orienteering Posts5 hoursYour GPSYour job would be to take the map the ranger has and locate the post markers and record the location. In places where markers have been removed, make a note and we will replace them at at later time. It may take some looking to find the markers. We have what should be written on the marker, so you will know when you get to the correct marker.
Clear ATV trails2 to 4 hoursBow saws provided by campContact the camp for more info.
Clear hiking trails2 to 4 hoursBow saws provided by campContact the camp for more info.


Click here to make a monetary donation to Camp Grimes in support of the summer camp program.