Camp Grimes - Mecklenburg County Council

Longhunter Program

Are you looking for something different this summer at Camp Grimes?

The Longhunter Program is a unique summer camp program designed for older scouts who have completed many of the other merit badge programs at Camp Grimes. Participants in Longhunter are required to be at least First Class and at least 14 years of age.

Immerse yourself in living history while enjoying the challenges of everyday frontier life. A true high adventure program, the Longhunter program utilizes experts in living history to provide a week long experience which includes activities such as Black Powder Rifle, Lumberjack games, Archery, Tomahawk throw, Woodcraft, campfire cooking, edible and useful plant identification, and most importantly, making living in the outdoors a more comfortable experience.

In addition to the rough and tumble activities of the Longhunter program, there will also be a chance for Scouts to test their practical skills by completing various projects like sewing a canvas haversack, carving a walking staff, basket making, forging steel tools, or hand crafting any number of useful items. Longhunter Scouts will also have the opportunity to camp in authentic civil war era tents at the Longhunter area, on days when our bigger events are scheduled. Scouts will be spending the entire week in the Longhunter area.

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