Health and Safety Tips

Health and Safety Information

This is a summary of health and safety policies. Please see the Leader's Guide for more details. If there is a difference between information in this document and the Leader's Guide, then the Leader's Guide is the final policy.


A locked box in the Health Lodge is available for any medications needing additional security. All medications must be accompanied by written permission from a parent or guardian. Troops are to bring a copy of the Troop Medical Log and turn it in at the medical check in.


Each Scout attending camp from Mecklenburg County Council will be covered by health and medical insurance. The coverage is secondary coverage, which means it will pay only what the individual's policy does not pay. If the individual is not covered under any policy, this policy will pay 100%. Only illnesses and injuries contracted at camp will be covered. Parent's should make arrangements for treatments of any preexisting conditions. Insurance will only be paid to the doctor or hospital. A copy of the parent's insurance card should be turned in with the medical forms at the medical check in.


The State of North Carolina Immunization Unit requires all persons have adequate immunizations. Those listed on the medical form must be obtained prior to arrival at camp.

Two Deep Leadership

All units must have two BSA registered adult leaders (one must be at least 21 and one at least 18) in camp at all times. Two adults per campsite must be present in accordance to national policy.

Youth Protection

All adults and youth attending summer camp must have completed youth protection training within the past year. Documentation from the unit leader will be required upon arrival at camp. An adult and youth should never be one and one with each other except for parent/son relationships. See the Guide to Safe Scouting, (No. 34411) for more information on the training and policies.

Release of Camper

Release of Campers Written permission from the parent or guardian must be provided to release a camper to anyone other than the camper's parent or guardian. This written permission must be provided directly from the camper's unit leader. All youth and adults must check out and in at the Camp Office.

Emergency Phone

In case of emergency, you can contact the camp office phone at (828)652-3923.


Local wildlife authorities have advised campers to not disturb wildlife that you may encounter while at Camp Grimes.

Buddy System

The Buddy System of having two or more campers together is used in all appropriate activities. Camp staff and leaders are required to enforce the buddy system.


All visitors must check in with the camp office. On Friday night, you may invite families to come for dinner and the closing campfire. Meal tickets are available in the camp office for $5.

Prohibited from camp

In accordance with BSA policy, fireworks are prohibited. Dogs or other pets are not permitted in camp. Please brief visiting parents. Tobacco products are not to be used by any youth. Areas for adult tobacco use have been designated.The Boy Scouts of America prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America, or any activity involving participation of youth members.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency of any type, the Camp Director should be notified immediately. If the Camp Director is unavailable, the administrator designated to supervise camp operations should be notified. The Camp Health Officer must also be notified if an emergency has the possibility of becoming a medical emergency. In appropriate situations, an established emergency signal will sound at which time all campers, leaders and staff are to report to the flagpole for instructions. Accounting for the campers will be the responsibility of the Camp Program Director. A drill will be held within the first 24 hours of camp opening.


Vehicles should not be in camp except for check-in on Sunday and checkout on Saturday. Otherwise, there should be no vehicles in campsites. Please keep all vehicles in the parking area. The camp wide speed limit is ten mph and slower in campsite areas. Please abide by the speed limit for the safety of those in camp. Scouts and adults can not ride in the back of pickup trucks.


While boys can bring a pocketknife for Woodcarving and Scout Skills programs, hunting or sheath knives are not recommended at Camp Grimes.


Bicycles are welcome for use ONLY in the Cycling and Mountain Biking program provided you follow Boy Scouts of America guidelines including wearing a helmet and the International Mountain Biking Association Rules of the Trail. Bicycles are not to be used in campsites or to get to program areas.


All scouts, leaders, and visitors must wear closed toe shoes with a way to insure the shoe remains on the foot. The sole must be hard enough to prevent sharp objects from piercing. Croc type shoes do not meet the shoe policy and are not to be worn at camp.

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