Information about Employment

Camp Grimes Seasonal Staff applications are currently being accepted as of October 1, 2022. Applications will be accepted up to the opening of camp. For staff from the prior year, invite back emails will be sent by January 10, 2024. Staff wishing to return must confirm by February 15, 2024.

New applications will start to be reviewed and processed on March 1, 2024. Interviews will be based on the information and skills shown on the application. Persons with incomplete applications and skill sets not required at camp will not be interviewed. Employment offers will be made between March 20th and March 31, with the goal of being fully staffed by April 15, 2024. Applications will continue to be accepted up to the start of camp, but will not be reviewed unless there are open positions.

Please read this section completely before proceeding.

Camp Grimes is a pinnacle of summer camping experiences. Situated in the foothills of the south mountain range of Western North Carolina, Camp Grimes is owned and operated the Boy Scouts of America and annually hosts more than 3,000 participants in backcountry hiking/camping programs and training conferences for Scouts.

Applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (if over 18, or 21 for certain positions), marital status, veteran status, or the presence of a disability that is unrelated to your ability to perform the job requested.

The minimum age requirement for full employment is 15. BSA standards require a minimum age of 21 for some positions. Counselor in Training (CIT) program begins at age 14.

Length of employment varies with job assignment. The majority of summer contracts will run from June 10th to July 21th. List your specific arrival and departure dates on the application; some variation in dates may be considered.

Applicants must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America or agree to become registered before employment begins. The principles of the Scout Oath and Law must be practiced as a way of life.

As a facility of the BSA, the staff is expected to set an example of excellence in Scouting, which includes the proper wearing of the uniform, and adhere to Mecklenburg County Council standards of personal appearance. Extreme hairstyles, unkempt facial hair, or inappropriate jewelry (in the opinion of MCC management) are not allowed.

Salary is based on position responsibility with consideration given to the individual's experience.

Review the list of jobs in the various departments, indicate three preferences, and complete the entire application, including "Representative Jobs", even if you have worked at camp before and/or if you have submitted a resume.

Some positions require vehicle driving. You must supply a current driving record at time of application from your state of license to qualify for such a position. Three moving violations or one DWI/DUI within the past year will disqualify you from a driving position.

Every applicant who is offered a job will be required to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form.

Submit your application by clicking the link below and filling out the online form. Opportunities for summer employment in key staff positions are best among those who apply prior to January 1st, however, applications will continue to be accepted after that time. Camp Grimes will notify you when a decision is reached.

Instructors will be needed in all program areas. Each instructor will be responsible for basic skill instruction, merit badge counseling and maintaining safety standards required by the Boy Scouts of America.

STAFF HOUSING - Four person cabins are assigned by gender, age, and occupants preference. Cabins have electricity and ceiling fans. Private shower facilities, hot water and flush toilets are available.

STAFF MEALS - All meals are prepared by the dining hall staff. Staff dines with the campers and their adult leaders. Special dietary needs based on religious or health concerns can be accommodated. Staff members over 18, not leaving camp on week-ends, need to make prior arrangements with the camp director for meals.

STAFF DRESS - Appropriate uniforms will be worn during program instruction. Staff members will be provided with two staff shirts. Additional uniforming will be the responsibility of the staff member. Laundry facilities are provided at no cost to staff members. All apparel worn must be representative of the aims and values of the Boy Scouts of America.

STAFF MEDICAL CARE - There will be a trained health provider on staff. Staff members are covered by a medical insurance policy and workers compensations. All staff members will provide a completed Part A, B, and C medical form signed by a physician prior to the beginning of camp.

COMPENSATION - While all staff positions are important to the total operation of the camp, some positions require a higher level of skill, responsibility and maturity and therefore staff in these positions receive a higher salary. Salary will be based on position, experience and BSA salary recommendations. Time off will be varied, based on age and assignment.

CAMP GRIMES - Serves a population of 11-18 year old males, approximately 250-450 campers and their adult leaders in week-long sessions. Campers participate in Scoutcraft skills, merit badge acquisition and general outdoor activity. Camp Grimes is one of three camps located in the Mecklenburg County Scout Reservation. MSR is 10 miles south of Marion, North Carolina. Depending on positions and camp registrations, as many as 10 weeks of employment could be available.